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It's OK to call me 'Roly'. Only my mother ever called me 'Roland', normally when she was cross with me! I was named after a model aircraft my father was building in the garage. I am so pleased he was not making a 'FockeWolf' or a 'Spitfire'. lol
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Cheers Roly! Some members prefer to be known by their screen names for privacy reasons so I always err on the side of caution :) Very serendipitous! I was very nearly called Harrison as my mother was a big Harrison Ford fan - so also pleased that didn't pan out, although admittedly I'd sooner be Harrison than 'Spitfire', less all the kids in the playground call me Spit for short :p
Hey buddy, just wanted to say hello and welcome! I know I'm a little late, I've been away recently - but thanks so much for contributing! šŸ»
Everything from now on is in the post "We Believe You" world.
Let's hope the film helps move the real world away from that justice destroying mantra that the police have been using to wreck innocent lives for over a decade now...