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warning part two


Dec 20, 2018
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i have had a rest and have come to terms with my freedom. visiting all the people who have supported me troughout the past twelve months. so many friends.

i did not have much correspondence from my solicitors, but plenty of waiting for a letter or a phone call. all my family worked on our collective memory going back forty years. the conclusion was that my police statement was as close to the truth as it could possibly be , the odd mistake with dates and times all the information was sent to the solicitors. the girl had come to us via social services fostering care. i made contact with the social services asking if they had any information about me fostering forty years a go. another long wait, they had forgotten. but then i had an answer in the form of a download via an e-mail. sixty two pages of information with a lot blanked out.
what we had now was an amazing history of all the girls problems including details of myself. all of this backed up my statement to the police. if the cps have this information why are they bring it to court?
the waiting game continued with two short meetings with my legal team. these meetings were not very informative
at my hearing the judge informed the cps that the fouteen charges was too many and should shortend.

then i started to get information from the cps..........all of the girls social sevices record without any blanking out. from the time she had been abandond until she was married at eighteen. this was a goldmine of information. again backing up my statement to the police. the same question arose, why is the cps bringing this to trial.
my family studied the history with a fine comb. all our questions were but together and sent to my legal team.

i informed all my family and friends country wide . everyone should be aware of false allegations.

the judge, the cps barrister and my own barrister are well known and very experiensed in sexual trials, scary.......

next time , the trial.

regards to all, pete.


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Oct 29, 2018
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i have had a rest and have come to terms with my freedom. visiting all the people who have supported me throughout the past twelve months. so many friends.
best thing a victim of FA can do
- always be open and get the support of friends - it is the only way to maintain sanity through this insane process.

As for why the CPS/Police push through in these cases - we know the answer -
it is again, a collective blinkered type of blindness. Their supposed objectivity is as mythical as that of a witchfinder general... they have a case, they have what might pass for evidence in this corrupted sex crime law - and they will push on until all hope of a conviction is lost.

convictions as a percentage of cases brought to charge has fallen over the past 4 years - despite their best efforts.
(wrongful convictions may have risen, we don't know, yet)
convictions as a percentage of allegations made is standing at 1/8th of where it was 10 years ago - because allegations have soared - and a large proportion of them are unbelievable EVEN to the police.