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warning part three


Dec 20, 2018
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Monday morning , 10-00 , waiting outside the courtroom. Trying to guess which of the people going into court will be prosecuting me this morning. My name is called and I go into court and sit in the dock. No one directs me,i know my place. A prison warden sits by my side. The jury is collected from the fifteen who enter the court room. The judge instructs the jury in their duties. The prosecuting barrister reads out to the jury the charges against me, in all the crude detail.

My defense barrister reads out to the jury my defence statement.

The trial breaks for lunch.

Back in court and I have to wait in a prisoners side room while black curtains are put around the witness stand. My accuser does not wish to be seen.

The prosecuting barrister starts to question my accuser in a most startling manor.

My accuser is soon sobbing and replying to questions with “i do not know” and “ I cannot remember”. She is made to read out parts of her statement to the police, then examined on the statement. More sobbing and unable to continue. The judge suspends the trial for my accuser to compose herself.

Following the prosecuting barrister my defense barrister cross examined my accuser creating more distress. The court was now dismissed for the day with a warning from the judge that we must not discuss the trial with anyone.

Tuesday morning,10-00, we are called back into court. The police officer who had taken my statement had to read out my answers to his questions. The prosecuting barrister read out the questions. He was cross examined by my defense barrister.

Then I was called to the witness stand where I was examined by my defense barrister in some detail.

We break for lunch.

Back in the witness stand I am cross examined by the prosecuting barrister who was clearly struggling for questions to ask. Was I now pleading guilty? Was I now making a confession?

We go home washed out.

Wednesday morning,10-00, my wife, my son and my daughter all take their turn in the witness stand and deliver their statements to the jury.

The prosecuting barrister suggested that all they were doing was to create an alibi to protect me.

In other words that they were all telling lies.

Six letters of support were read out to the jury from people who lived next to me at the time of the alleged abuse , 40 years ago.

The summing up by the barristers and the judge took up the rest of the afternoon.

The jury were sent out to deliberate at 15-30.

we all waited outside the courtroom.

Called back in at 16-30 to be instructed that the jury was being sent home and as the barrister had an other commitment on for thursday the trial would recommence at 10-00 on friday.

A full day to wait.