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Tony Stock and the CCRC

Roy catchpole

Senior Patron
Oct 31, 2018
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Why not go online and read the sad tale of Mr. Tony Stock. Here is the story of a man imprisoned for 10 years for a bank robbery he didn’t commit and who died without getting justice:
I have been fighting for justice for a mere five years, but here is a victim who spent 42-Years in a failed struggle for Justice from a corrupt and self-serving Court of Appeal (COA). The current Miscarriages of Justice Commission is now labouring under the mistaken impression that it can cut through the powers that have consistently failed to do the right thing and thought only about the honour and reputation of colleagues who cocked-up in the past. My personal concern is the question whether my own organization, the Church of England shares a similar disregard for the victory of truth and justice. We shall see - and I am not dead yet...