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The Ultimate statistics set to hammer the reality home...


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Oct 29, 2018
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OK - I am going to write, what I hope is, the definitive resource of Government statistics and rational deductions from same,
******** On the topic of UK False Allegations of rape *********
...with a timeline/narrative that should help anyone who copies it defeat the many 10,000s of dogma accepting, fakefeminist position, cognitively challenged folk who argue that:-
rapes are common but false claims are not...

The picture below depicts a timeline of government measured trends and trusted statistics.
One, the one with the histogram upward trend, is based on actual reports of rape to the police, and is unarguable.
The other is from the Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) The text refers to tables that CSEW publish on the ONS website but which are very hard to read, being complex Excel tables.

They survey around 41,000 women across all police areas, between the ages of 16 and 59, every year, to get the "more genuine" figures for rape itself AND the percentage who go to the police - because this is what Feminists have rightly demanded since the survey started...
One of these tables shows that consistently, 17% of genuine rape victims report their rape to the police.
This survey then gives percentages that can be extrapolated to the whole population, (official Exit polls do the same thing with general elections - and, plus or minus 3%, they are right 99% of the time on the basis of a much smaller sample size. )

There are three factors that people will throw in to this so called argument because these figures are so shocking in their raw truth-exposing status.
1) men who are raped reporting to police, [380 men annually maximum]
2) over 65's having a different rate of victimhood,
(Police reporting figures on these two factors are in fact too small to be significant influences),
3) Historic cases - people coming forward to the police whose real rapes pre-date not just this current year but also all the surveys (which started in 1988) or who have had an abnormal and sudden urge to come forward THIS YEAR... in massive numbers. Police do not record these as a separate statistic,
(why the Hell not?, probably because they are not dominant over the rest)

People putting forward these factors as destructive of the overall powerful conclusion are trying to divert attention away from the uncomfortable truth that is causing their cognitive dissonance (look it up) to make them rebel, reject or run away.
The fact is that none of these arguments were even entertained between 2003 and 2013 - because the total number of rape reports to police was very low.
No one made the argument with the statistics that now falls to me to make obvious...
Then, around 2014, the "We Believe You" policy and the touting for compensation by law firms post Savile - really began to have a huge effect on those who could see some easy money and safe anonymity...

Genuine rape victims were not affected by any of this BS - they still knew that their trauma would be just as bad when they had to go through it again in a police station and then court case (this was always the reported truth from rape victims I spoke with).

So no, they didn't suddenly go to the police in larger numbers.
not logical, and at a consistent 17% every year for the previous decade - this explosion did not happen according to the survey designed to elicit just this information...
SO, go ahead Feminista - try and argue against these figures
- and try not to divert with,

"Oh but the research I have says..."
"You cannot compare apples with oranges..."
"It is a well established fact that..."
"Hundreds of experts have agreed..."

Fallacious arguments - every one.
These figures are not a bogus appeal to authority, something I have plucked from the air, nor twisted from some phantom research - they are UK government figures that sit there on the Office of National statistics web site.
If they are going to be biased at all they will be biased towards the Establishment/Feminist dominated view...

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OH, in case you missed it.
the implications of these figures are that, yes - in the 2 years to April 2018, more false allegations than real ones were made to the police,
by a considerable margin.