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The Bandwagon Effect (Be afraid - be very afraid)

Roy catchpole

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Oct 31, 2018
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I don't want to upset anyone but,
The Mail on Sunday has been looking into the actions of ex-police detective constable Mark Williams-Thomas and have criticised the way he is said to have publicised the names of the accused in Operation Yewtree at an early stage in their investigation. Mr Settle, a former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle describes this as ‘reckless in the extreme. If you put famous people’s names out there, you may not merely destroy their livelihoods. There’s a great danger it will lead to a bandwagon effect, generating further, false allegations, so the potential for miscarriages of justice is huge.’
Er, yes, Mr Settle, true. But the real world doesn't consist only of famous people'. They do get the publicity, which I guess is what counts for the MET. But it consists or the rest of us as well. We live here, too! HELLO.