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Miscarriages of Justice Comments Please


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Oct 29, 2018
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Well, you know what I would want them to consider, I know there are other serious issues that I also support, but my own "expertise" is all related to false sex crime allegations :

To change the culture of the police/judicial system is a mammoth task, but it is the core of how initial miscarriages of justice occur and must be the core that we change, to prevent the many thousands of miscarriages that will occur without reform.
the main tool needed is listed at No. 1

1. Introduce ways of motivating detectives to achieve justice and truth at the expense of "quick results" rewards for thorough, unbiased investigations, punishment for inadequate ones. We must eliminate the "results culture".

2. A root and branch prune of deadwood - That means cutting the tree in a savage pollarding fashion - and only re-establishing detectives who understand the new culture of truth and justice.

3. An end to CICA cash payments for RASSO complainants - to be replaced with therapeutic services in kind. (see the number of rape complaints steadily fall as a result)

4. Anonymity parity - to conviction for rape suspects - or, if you cannot manage that then you will need to remove "victim" anonymity when the case is dismissed/not guilty...cannot have it both ways.

5. Change in evidence rules for appeals: previously considered case material to be allowed as pertinent to appeal when it is connected to new evidence in a meaningful manner that casts serious doubt on the verdict.

6. Government to publish the proper CSEW and police statistics, with the correct narrative, illustrating the dominance of false rape allegations in the total of complaints, and politically challenge the false dogma that many politicians have swallowed and is based on invented figures.

7. Police to record all rape reports including by type, gender and - if historic - how long (not just Over 12 months) - also to record all RASSO allegations that they currently "no crime", as false allegations.


They would no doubt argue that many of these points are not really relevant to the issue of miscarriages of justice - to which I would reply - "don't be a wanker, this is how you PREVENT miscarriages of justice that are currently ruining the lives of over 100,000 innocents a year."