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I've written to the Guardian editor tackling this specious feminist agenda reportage


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Oct 29, 2018
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This report has a slant that is horribly familiar,

These figures are a real wake-up as to how many men reported as rapists are clearly not guilty some might say...
but this astounding and self-condemning piece appears to omit key facts that used to be reported on more regularly by groups such as Rape Crisis - and that have hardly changed, during a much longer period, namely:-

Rapes of women in this country run at around 85,000 per year (this from CSEW is on the ONS site and quoted by Rape Crisis)
and most recently the number of those women who respond to the Crime Survey of England and Wales (CSEW) has reached a peak last year of 17% of them (14,450) reporting that rape to the police. These figures are considered to be as reliable as BBC election exit polls, so dispute them on that basis if you will.

Now when the figures for recorded rape stood at 12,000 - 16,000 (2003 - 2013) the small disparities between the two figures was easily accounted for as within margins for error - but now, the disparity between 57,000 women going to the police and only 14,450 genuine rape victims going to the police, cannot be brushed off - as so many, including you, seem to. (margins for experts making statistical error/other counting differential factors are never this impossibly large).

The lower prosecution and conviction rate does have a plausible, simple explanation, one that shouts in the faces of all, and gets a hearing from the unbiased:-
very many more women are lying about rape than ever used to be the case...
bear in mind these figures have emerged despite the Police desperately pushing cases to charges, and court, with their "believe the victim" notions that they then run with, destroying any semblance of a proper investigative approach, and that includes "avoiding" all evidence exonerating the accused.

Divorce lawyers will explain that, due to the legal aid changes meaning that rape or DV accusations are the only way the less well off can get legal aid, there has been a massive increase in fake rape claims.
And then, those who understand the tie-in between the fake rape compensation claimants and police helping them claim, know that the Jemma Beale compensation money-chasing types have also multiplied like fruit flies.
The false allegation explosion has followed the post Savile trend for the system to make it a matter of wealth gain (for themselves and supposed victims) and easy anonymous escape in order to "up the conviction rate" - a ghastly anti-justice circle of deceit.

You appear, with this latest in an ongoing series of blinkered reports on the issue, to be utterly uninterested in truth or justice -
and totally interested in maintaining a lie because it has blanket support from Feminist groups still shouting their bogus figures plucked from the stale air of the 1980s.

I bought your paper for 25 years - my uncle John worked for you, I was proud of that.
But this misandry based interpretation of a reality that is killing men/wrecking families (I know of five suicides due to these false allegations wrecking lives) is not something I can remotely support. If my Uncle John was still alive and knew all the facts he would be squirming and considering crossing the Rubicon and working for Murdoch...

As long as you bow to this fake-feminist agenda of inequality and lies, I shall be doing my best to persuade people not to buy or subscribe. Truth and justice used to be the highest journalistic ideals, it is truly sickening to see a once great paper sink to this level.