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It's very interesting reading the results of my complaints inquiries.


Jul 1, 2019
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the Exeter Area
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During custody, I can only describe my emotional state of being between medical shock and semi-comatose'd. The solicitor who came to my aid during the interview said "The Police were surprised at your reaction and that's why they arranged for you to be seen by the oncall Emergency Psychiatric Team at 12.30 in the morning." It appears they were waiting for me to explode in rage. There are two things I have not revealed to everyone so far. Even my family did not know until last week.

I have an immune response (its an auto-immune problem, that it looks like I will have for life), it became so serious that I left my employment in education with a small pension, at the age of 39, in 2000 . Part of the condition is that I don't have full control of my bowels or my bladder. It's managed with the use of NHS prescribed Adult nappies, if I am unable to get to the loo. It's believed that it was the side effect of having some experimental drugs during the 2000 era, which ultimately proved worthwhile, contributed to my blood pressure being thrown out of kilter. It is not unusual for my pressure to range between 180/120 and 230/150. It's referred to as Malignant Hypertension. If I have ever go to hospital and they take my blood pressure, they panic! Once they check my records they tend to calm down.

Anyone who has been in a CCTV custody cell, as I was, is not predisposed to using the facilities with comfort. During the claimed 12 hours (although I say it was 14 hours) of detainment, I soiled myself. The ambient smell of custody suites is a bit smelly anyway, but I must have 'hummed to heaven'! Their treatment of me did not see me engaging with them and asking if I could get changed. I stayed there festering and trying to position myself so that it was not so obvious. When I bought up the fact that I had soiled myself in a complaint inquiry in Mid 2013, it was dismissed with one sentence, by the custody officer. "Mr.F at no time mentioned this, although, he had disclosed he wore pads and could stay in one for a long time". surely, anyone smelling my 'putridity' would have made some comment or at least put it in the custody log.

The other area was my medications for the high blood pressure. The solicitor said "During the search of my attic (in my home in Devon), Devon & Cornwall Police found a medical file about my medical conditions. Within which it was disclosed that I had counselling for suicidal ideation in 2002 (this was all about being abandoned to the world of disability) . Also listed was a raft of peripheral conditions and included the Malignant Hypertension and there was a 'special note' highlighting this on the front of my medical records. During the complaint I questioned their lack of 'safeguarding' and at no point was I offered my medication. The custody officer claimed that "Mr.F said he did not take his Meds, because they were not working". I disputed the claim that I said this, but more fundamentally, (if you have not gathered yet, I am a high functioning Autistic and Cambridge Post-Grad) and my language is very formal, always. I do not use the (imported Americanism) term 'Meds'.

As for the provision of food and fluid, that was part of the complaint inquiry and it was simple. North Yorkshire Police could not prove that at any point they had feed me, although they did give me 1/2 a vending cup of water. That part of the complaint was upheld and I hope to find, finally, legal bods who are able to support me suing them for compensation. I never thought I would do this. There is even more bizarreness, but I'll leave it for another day.
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Oct 29, 2018
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Yes - all these police reactions sound entirely in keeping with their extremely thorough motivational education and training
- to drive fast cars and bosh down doors.