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Further ideas for Key evidences/realities to include into the film to create a greater impact.


Oct 31, 2018
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In line with the advice from Anne Withycombe to ensure the narrative has key evidences upholding claims as they are presented I thought I'd share some thoughts.

To add to presenting the harsh reality I feel someone from the professional standards and others should be interviewed and asked these questions. We should criticise all the stakeholders involved and rick this boat and let the rats run to deck...!

Questions for prof standards ..,!

Can you please explain to the audience the type of work you do...?
With all the recent clear evidences of rogue policing resulted from disclosure issues where officers are required by law to provide evidences to the defence as well as the prosecution and clearly withheld them how many cases have you investigated?

Is it fair to say that officers in many cases are withholding evidences simply by being motivated to convict?

Would you agree that the position of investigating officers is a very dangerous one as on one hand they are programmed to hit targets and in return will receive career boosts, bonuses, etc and at the same time on the other hand they are given the trust and job to provide the defence with evidences which ultimately can bring their prospects they are driven towards crashing down ?

Would you not agree that They are put into a contradictory scenario which is doomed to fail and be abused and clearly has ? (Show stats of recent reports/findings)

Do you think this system should change because if the clear dangers which have resulted and do you think an independent bodies should overlook investigations and distribute disclosure details? Because it is clearly they only way to improve policing by micro managing them through the process.

Lastly as a member of the professional standards who are set up to improve policing and raise standards to ensure rogue policing is challenged and officers are held to account for the improvement of the uk legal system , so what punishment if any should an officer get if they clearly withhold vital evidence which could prove someone's innocence?

Questions for prosecutors such as Angela Rafferty QC, EX chair of the CBA is perfect for this as she is quoted to have said the disclosure issue is the worst she has seen it!!!!

This is one of the strongest links we have who will help prrsent the harsh truths so questions need a lot of thought.

What to you see as the problem with disclosure ...

How should it change?
Can the police be trusted with it in light of recent evidence?

Currently what is in place for a person who has been falsely accused to bring the accuser to account?

At what stage do the complainants receive payouts. (I heard straight after interview and social services pay and wine and dine) (evidence showed this is my case)
How likely is it that when someone gets acquitted at court or even acquitted before trial while being imprisoned on remand to get compensated?
To bring the accuser to account ?
To have their name deleted from search engines?

Is it true that under the current system a female can make a false accusation , a man can suffer in jail on remand for a year in some instances, have his name shamed accross the world, loose everything and once acquitted ... that no investigation will take place and the person simply has to live with it without anything in the system making right all the wrongs.

Do u see how dangerous this is?

The questions are obviously designed by putting the person on the spot in the limelight fir the world to see and designed to get the answers we want which we know as the truths.

P.S just some ideas guys... it's been in my heart to ask these questions ever since my nightmare which will never end until the wrongs against me are fixed.

Please improve the idea if you find fit as I do feel there are a lot more intelligent people leading on here.
God bless
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