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Campaigning - are we making progress?


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Oct 29, 2018
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My initial and confident answer to this question is: yes.
but progress may not be permanent.

I am also campaigning on the reform of the Joint Enterprise law - something introduced to put knife/gun criminals in jail and stop the police from having the difficult task of actually doing any real investigations as to who actually wielded the knife/gun.
JENGBA is the main organisation for reform of this law and they are allies in the field of false allegations - because guess what?
they have come up against the same ingrained stupidity of the system and the police in particular.

I joined a debate on Twitter last night and had a lot of interest and support except from an anti-knife crime mum who wants Joint enterprise retained to make sure SOMEONE goes to jail rather than a knife killer "getting away with it"
this person, @antiknifeUk2019 was not at all bothered about innocent people being convicted - and perhaps sums up how individual biases can make a nonsense of logic and make people take untenable positions with regard to all logic and reason.

I woke this morning to see that an MP (who doesn't follow me) had liked the last of my string of tweets on the topic...
and this reflects a small hope I have that we are reaching powers and that they may change things - more permanently

There's a lot to discuss following the #CarlBeech conviction - but I really think we have a chance of making some lasting impact upon the Feemenist propaganda dominated world of UK politics.

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