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Beware 'Coming Out' as an FA

Roy catchpole

Senior Patron
Oct 31, 2018
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On holiday in Cyprus we became friendly with two strangers.
We became so friendly that I gave them my business card. Halfway through the holiday I had a discussion with our tour guide about her presentation. I later shared the narrative of the encounter with our new friends, who had also expressed dissatisfaction with that aspect of her presentation
The following day, my new friend called me to his room and said,
“Sascha is going rough telling everyone you poked her in the chest between her breasts.”

I thought he was joking, but he assured me that our guide was ‘getting her story in first’ to draw the sting from any official complaint I might make against her.

I realised that in handing over my card, with the website of F.A.C.T. on it, I had opened myself up to any malicious individual who might wish to hurt me.

For over an hour, I wandered around the hotel grounds in a panic. All those old feeling of terror, palpitations, confusion, desire to be dead, and weakness came flooding back.
I asked Linda to come for a walk with me, but didn’t feel able tell her what had happened. Her response would have been the same as mine. What could I say? This was happening again, and this time in Cyprus! I was hoping to contact Sascha in the company of my wife to confront her with what my new ‘friend’ had alleged. We soon found Sascha and I asked her to tell my wife whether she thought I had behaved inappropriately towards her on this holiday. I immediately realised from the look of confusion in her face that my ‘friend’ had been lying. Sascha readily confirmed that I had not behaved inappropriately towards her. I asked if she would repeat what she had just said, which she did.
Moral of the story.
If you decide to ‘come out’ as an FA, be aware that there are more than just your own personal False Accuser out there. There really are some individuals who are just simply, always, malicious liars, sometimes masquerading as friends.