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Are you newly accused? you need this then.


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Oct 29, 2018
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If you are fortunate enough to have found this site prior to having to attend a police station for a "voluntary interview" - these words from a ex cop may well be the most essential guide - but there is more to follow.

"Shaken but not Stirred...

When the Police ask you to attend a voluntary interview - first and foremost you will need to contact a solicitor [Don't leave it until the day of the interview or the day before] The reasons are as follows;
Without legal representation - you have no idea what the Police have - in some cases a very weak case.
Without legal representation - you will not be privileged to advance disclosure [of the complaint or accusation]
Without legal representation - unless you know PACE - the Police will play games with you during the interview [This is when they become expert mind readers and interpret your non-verbal communication [scratching your elbow or looking away etc] that you're hiding something.
Without legal representation - you are at their mercy [ Remember it's not in their interest to prove your innocence]


As for the voluntary interview itself - the only difference is they haven't got sufficient evidence to arrest you. Other than that the interview is no different to the one that you would have if you were arrested. "

The only advantage of it being a voluntary interview with no arrest made whilst you are there (which can happen) is that it means there will likely not be an arrest on your file in future - and you won't have bail conditions applied to you. Otherwise you should treat it exactly the same as if you were arrested - they really are out to find evidence you did it - the notion of properly investigating evidence that points away from you as "the perpetrator" is a lovely written piece of CPS instruction in a book that remains unread.
~ editor

Police interviews are another topic....