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News an old one, but a compilation of 3 prime cases that have changed perceptions


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Oct 29, 2018
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Thanks to Jolene for drawing this back to attention as the Danny Kay case had not been recorded here I think...

Just to add to the story perspective...

"Some lawyers are calling for the responsibility for identifying evidence to be taken away from police officers and passed to the CPS amid claims investigators may be treating material selectively to “secure a win”.
But the CPS itself was criticised for saying its lawyers work to “identify the right evidence to secure a realistic prospect of conviction at court” in a statement on Christmas staffing.
“After a week of disclosure failures this is your take?” replied barrister Matt Stanbury. “How about scrutinising all the evidence?”

and how about examining the systemic corruption within the police that the political agenda of #FakeFeminism has embedded?

"Warning of widespread failures by both police and prosecutors, the authority said officers failing to comply with requirements were “often ignorant” of their disclosure responsibilities.
“Non-compliance with the disclosure process is not new and has been common knowledge amongst those engaged within the criminal justice system for many years,” the damning report concluded.

Police officers and prosecutors interviewed by inspectors said they believed limited resources and a lack of time were the main causes, even though
“long-standing” problems predate recent budget reductions.
Requests from the defence caused the material that destroyed the cases against Mr Allan and Mr Azariah to be released and other trials are believed to be on hold after late disclosures."

And then - the Indie did its balance thing - and got that FakeFeminist agenda back to the fore again with their usual repeated lie...
"Campaigners emphasised that false rape allegations are rare in comparison to the publicity they receive, with the crime believed to be severely under-reported."

"Campaigners" - nameless fuckwits spouting dogma? I am happy to agree with these anonymous propagandists that genuine rape is under reported - most victims not going to the police - 85% of them to be near accurate... but that is ZERO to do with the media under reporting of false rape claims.

I'd love the papers to be all over the real figures, daily stories of the wrongly convicted, and the un-prosecuted but lives wrecked, and they would be daily - running at about 20 a day where it has been proven on the balance of probabilities that a woman was lying about rape...perverting the course of justice.
and not the tiny number of cases that get publicised.

Show yourselves "campaigners" - I am ready for you.