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Recent content by Patrick

  1. Patrick

    The American President is...

    This is just one small part of an interview with his (long ago sacked) press officer, Anthony Scaramucci:- "You know, he doesn’t look at people—and by the way, if you and I were in his field of vision and he had a cold and the two of us had to die for him to get a Kleenex, you’re fucking dead...
  2. Patrick

    The American President is...

    Anyone else think that you have to be somewhere below the devil in the moral rankings to do this? To pose for the camera as a press opportunity, with the baby that one of your fanatical fans, inspired by your racist anti-immigrant comments, just orphaned among 22 in a mass shooting. (this fact...
  3. Patrick

    The American President is...

    US journalists regularly post on this - their jaws often dropping as they take in exactly how far the respect for the office has now dropped. the latest I saw has been, "Retweeting conspiracy theories about Jeffrey Epstein's death" another has been "cheating at golf for the 186th time since he...
  4. Patrick

    Journalists have the same training as the Police! So it seems.

    yup - and I keep hearing supposedly academically qualified people (staff and interviewees) saying *this thing* is "very unique" - like that makes any sense at all.
  5. Patrick

    Journalists have the same training as the Police! So it seems.

    I agree - journalism has become lazier and lazier - just as it has become de-unionised and less well paid... The Mail "employs" mainly freelancers doing human interest or click bait pieces for £50 a throw.Most have got rid of sub editors - the ones who wrote decent headlines and checked the work...
  6. Patrick

    The 'Inspector' Calls

    My prejudice against SOME Yorkshire folk is founded on experiences of the sort of people who the Pythons are taking the mick out of in this sketch - I loved Scarborough and York where my Mum was raised, it seemed I could like the place while I was there. but... being the only county where...
  7. Patrick

    The 'Inspector' Calls

    I think the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch might be a little old for you too Matt - but to catch up is well worth it...
  8. Patrick

    The 'Inspector' Calls

    a Tonka truck? - you were lucky...
  9. Patrick

    The 'Inspector' Calls

    I come from a family that had a big estate too - well it was more of an old Bedford van with windows to be honest.
  10. Patrick

    The 'Inspector' Calls

    this experience is common Roly - retirement negates the need for any disciplinary process it seems - technically it does not prevent criminal prosecution, but again the bar for policemen in any such case going to charge seems to be set WAY higher than it is for the general public. That is how...
  11. Patrick

    Beware 'Coming Out' as an FA

    That's great Troy, and remember - you don't have to tell everybody! - and it is about being honest about how it hurts, the pain, and the ridiculousness of having to live under this cloud that you had nothing to do with making... people will get that - whereas - as Matt says - if you come across...
  12. Patrick

    Guardian, rattled by Carl Beech wave of realisations - snaps out repeat lies... I bite back

    never mind tender dispositions, excellent use of emphasis I feel, - it perfectly underlines the key difference between depression and anger (for the sake of the often rather glib and non empathetic doctors)
  13. Patrick

    They don't know how many people have been falsely accused. Or do they?

    MPs vary a great deal - but generally they will only "assist" in our types of cases where there is some obvious procedural mistake that - for example" has caused atypical time delays ( and typically from initial arrest/voluntary interview to trial is somewhere between 16 and 30 months). For an...
  14. Patrick

    It's very interesting reading the results of my complaints inquiries.

    Yes - all these police reactions sound entirely in keeping with their extremely thorough motivational education and training - to drive fast cars and bosh down doors.
  15. Patrick

    News The Mail goes after CICA and False Accusers.

    I drive a boring and reliable small estate car... to compensate for my enormous schlong and world famous sexual appetite. ;)