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  • It's OK to call me 'Roly'. Only my mother ever called me 'Roland', normally when she was cross with me! I was named after a model aircraft my father was building in the garage. I am so pleased he was not making a 'FockeWolf' or a 'Spitfire'. lol
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    Cheers Roly! Some members prefer to be known by their screen names for privacy reasons so I always err on the side of caution :) Very serendipitous! I was very nearly called Harrison as my mother was a big Harrison Ford fan - so also pleased that didn't pan out, although admittedly I'd sooner be Harrison than 'Spitfire', less all the kids in the playground call me Spit for short :p
    Such interesting information contained within private emails.. Did the police honestly believe that nobody else would ever see them?
    Sorry for delays getting back to people - been ill today, I'm back on the ball now!
    Quick note to a few of you awaiting verification, I'm at a probation appointment atm but will process when I get home, thanks for waiting X
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