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Recent content by charley

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    hi matt, my son has all that in hand. a full diary of the events from start to finish. a copy of this was handed to our mp. the diary is being shared on line to all our friends and then later to the general public. i have now been paid back all the contributions toward legal aid, plus...
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    good day, we have been to see our local member of parliament. spent 30 minutes discussing the complicated matter of historical sexual abuse. we discussed the police proceedure from the first contact to the trial at crown court. why are they trained to ignore the...
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    warning part four

    Friday 10-00 , called into court and sat in the dock with my minder from the prison. The judge called me out of the dock and instructed me to sit with my family in the public area. The jury were called in and again instructed in their duties. Then they were sent out to discuss the verdict...
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    warning part three

    Monday morning , 10-00 , waiting outside the courtroom. Trying to guess which of the people going into court will be prosecuting me this morning. My name is called and I go into court and sit in the dock. No one directs me,i know my place. A prison warden sits by my side. The jury is...
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    warning part two

    i have had a rest and have come to terms with my freedom. visiting all the people who have supported me troughout the past twelve months. so many friends. i did not have much correspondence from my solicitors, but plenty of waiting for a letter or a phone call. all my family worked on our...
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    hi every body, i will try to tell you my story in installments as i can get it all together. part one, warning, never ever speak to the police without a solicitor to back you up. that was my first mistake. trusting the police. a small card had been left in my letterbox...
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    hi patrick, yes please. just in case some one takes offence. we cannot have that. regards pete.
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    many thanks patrick, my mind is still low flying. today we are going to a camp site for a get together with my son. he is bringing the cider. my wife will have to drive home. good look to all my freinds out there. we know what it is like. regards pete.
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    hi every body, it is a very good morning for me and my family. the reason being that i have been found not guilty of all of eight charges of historical sexual abuse with a child going back forty years.. i have not been on line for some time , we were all on a waiting game. now we...
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    roy,s book

    trial date set for may 20th. busy now picking through the statements. some are very suprising coming from her first and second husbands. my council have been busy. some of the remarks in the social service records show that she was a very disturbed child 40 years ago when she was fostered...
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    How Does Your Experience Change Your Institution? (Mine is the C of E).

    is it perhaps that they do not like your sermons.??
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    roy,s book

    hi roy, i am about to start reading your book. i have just finished "the secret barrister", that was another good read. we were due to go away at the end of january in our caravan until rossendales sent me a threataning letter demanding that i pay up now or else. so i have sold the caravan to...
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    my mp.

    i have just sent my mp .a christmas card, well, not a card, more of a long letter. it includes copies of the two interviews that i have found . i also included my own story. after four such letters regarding the fall of british justice i think that i am first name terms with my mp. i...
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    What Will the Police Produce as Evidence? (Amusing but frightening too).

    ha ha ha , thanks roy. i can see from your photo that you are a very suspicious character. have a good christmas. regards charley
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    A short break in tragic circumstances

    dear god, but i am shocked. my best wishes are with you. take care.